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Buzz #3606

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

When Buzz arrived from Cairo to his new Canadian forever family, he was a pretty sick puppy. Seriously underweight by 38 lbs, he was diagnosed with anemia, roundworm, and ehrlichia ~ all very treatable ailments of course so he was treated and on the road to recovery quickly. It was also discovered he had hip dysplasia ~ so many things for this poor three-year-old boy to contend with but he came through all of it with flying colours. He now weighs 55 pounds and just loves his walks along the trails, his car rides, and his swimming in the lake. You sure would never know his hips bother him. I think dear Buzz is pretty grateful to all those who love him because one of his favourite things to do is hug you with his paws firmly around your neck. Ah shucks Buzz…you are so adorable.    

Chantal & Jeff 

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