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Cairo #3607

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Cairo, as you can probably guess, is from the streets of Cairo. This amazing boy has adapted to Canadian life very well. Mind you, what is not to love as he now has two homes ~ one right on the water. Cairo was obviously abused in his previous life as he shies away from brooms and raised hands. Today, there is barely a sign of past traumas ~ in fact, he loves being touched, brushed, petted, and generally made a fuss over. If Cairo could talk, here’s what he would likely say, “Thank you to all the kind people who put time and effort in getting me to Canada. I love my new mommy and dad. I love the homemade treats dad makes for me…much better than store-bought. What is this green stuff on the ground? I only ever saw concrete in Cairo. I finally figured out you can use it also as a bathroom instead of the concrete around the pool. I get to live in two houses ~ one in Ottawa with everything I need and the other is a cottage where I learned to swim, fetch, and chase dragonflies on the dock. There are always new experiences wherever I go. I love Canada. Somebody mentioned ‘snow’ a few times so not sure if I will like what is being described but time will tell.”

Don’t worry Cairo ~ snow is really cool (yuk yuk).

Natalie & Paul

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