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Kelowna #3648

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Kelowna is settling in beautifully with us. This is a cool story about his name change. When our boy arrived in Canada, his name was Corona. We wanted to change it because to us it either meant the virus or Mexican beer and we weren’t fans of either for our boy’s name. We chose ‘Kelowna’ because we could mumble it and it would be very similar to ‘Corona’ and therefore easier for him to adjust to. BTW, he is clearly ‘Kelowna’ now with no mumbling! After Covid allowed our employees back into the office, I took Kelowna to meet everyone. I work with a large group of Egyptians and I told them about ‘Corona’ being the original name. They told me that Covid wasn’t a ‘thing’ when Kelowna was born and Corona beer isn’t available in Egypt. Then they told me that ‘Corona’ is the name of a very popular chocolate in Egypt! How cool is that? He was most likely named after chocolate because he is so sweet. Even though we didn’t want to keep that name, it sure made us feel better. Who doesn’t love chocolate and who doesn’t love our Kelowna???   

Judy & Charlie 

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