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Fuzz #3668

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Hi…my name is Fuzz. Golden Rescue’s shelter partner in Cairo found me. I was not getting enough food or water and I was thin and had very little fur when I came to Canada. I am very affectionate, particularly with men. In fact, when I came down the ramp at the airport, I trotted right by my new mom and went straight to my new dad and gave him a nuzzle. I’m very gentle with small dogs and tolerate big dogs. But, if they growl at me, I won’t back down because I’m a big boy too. My new family think that I was a pack leader as I have a lot of self-confidence. I love meeting people on our walks and everyone thinks I am calm and gentle. But they don’t know how rambunctious and mischievous I can be at home. I play a mean game of tug and I love to chase my new dad around and around the living room. My favourite game is fetch. I love to run and chase a ball or frisbee and I’m good about bringing them back, but I haven’t quite got the hang of dropping them so they can be thrown again. The prospect of going for a car ride gets me very excited. My family take me everywhere and I especially like going to the cottage where I get to run around and explore. Unfortunately, I get very upset in the car when I see a big truck coming towards us. This is behaviour that I’m working on. I had a few medical issues when I first arrived in Canada and I needed an operation. Golden Rescue made sure that I saw a very caring vet. Now, I have recovered completely and I’m a big, strong, loving, energetic boy. Thank you, Golden Rescue, for giving me a new life and a new family in this beautiful country.   

Pat & Ian 

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