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Philo #3679

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

I was rescued from the streets of Cairo. When the shelter rescued me, I was in really bad condition as I had mange. I was covered in blood and I could hardly move because of the swelling in my paws. I was also very anemic and had a high fever…a temperature of 41. The shelter started to treat my condition the day I arrived. It was a very anxious time as they almost lost me a few, but they persevered and provided around-the-clock care. They treated me with medications and, for my body, they used manuka honey to help with the mange. It was a long process but I was resilient and determined to survive (I was only four months old at the time). I arrived in Toronto in August and was welcomed by my new loving family. I have gained 15 pounds, grown two inches, and am developing a beautiful coat. I have people who love me and a couple of dog friends who are teaching me the ropes. I love to play and can jump very high ~ you would never know how weak I was when I first arrived. So far, I love the cold weather, which is pretty important living here. By the way, my family named me Philo after Philo of Alexandria…a first-century Jewish philosopher who lived in Alexandria, Egypt. They wanted to honour my past and my present. I think the name suits me. While I am full of energy, I am also a thoughtful boy with a deep soul…that’s what my family claims. Thank you to my rescuers in Cairo. Thank you, Golden Rescue, and thank you to my amazing new Canadian family. I love you all very much. 

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