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Kaya #3723

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Kaya’s story is absolutely amazing and spans three countries. There was a kind woman in Norway who saw a video of poor nine-year-old Kaya on the streets of Istanbul starving and suffering from severe mange. She managed to get Kaya to a shelter in Istanbul with the hopes of bringing her to Norway. It turned out, because of regulations, Kaya couldn’t be brought to Norway so she contacted Golden Rescue in Canada to see if they could help. Kaya needed a foster in Istanbul who could take Kaya out of the shelter and give her the care and attention she needed. Golden Rescue contacted one of their shelter partners in Istanbul, who arranged for a local foster. Once this beautiful girl started to heal, GR asked a wonderful couple, who were previous adopters, if they would consider fostering-to-adopt Kaya. They agreed so Kaya traveled to Canada. Here’s what Kaya is saying, “My wonderful forever family keep feeding me good stuff, patting me, cleaning my eyes, and giving me medicine that’s making me feel so much better! My teeth feel like new (after a trip to the doggy dentist) and soon I will graduate to crunchier food. I am rolling on my back and kicking up my heels. And life is very good as I not only have a home in the city but one in the country on a lake too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me here…for giving me a new life…for believing that I am a Golden who deserved this chance. I am so happy.” 

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