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Wrigley #3782

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Life has changed for our family as of November 2nd when our newest addition, Wrigley, arrived from Istanbul on Flight #186 to Vancouver. It was a long wait at the airport but worth every minute. This little boy has turned our house upside down and we could not be happier. The night he arrived, we drove to Chilliwack, where his first Canadian night was spent in a hotel in a king-sized bed. He had a shower and ate like a king. Our next adventure together started when we drove to Kelowna to meet the rest of the crew. Wrigley, aka Riggs, spent two hours running and playing with his new big brother Louie, also an adopted Golden. By the time they were done, they were filthy. Our backyard did not know what hit it! Therefore, Riggs had another shower, this time with his brother. Riggs is a typical little brother who literally hangs off of Louie’s leg and tries to play all day long. Since meeting Riggs at the airport, he is our shadow, always around our feet ~ we cannot tell you how many times we have tripped or fallen over him. Riggs also has a sister, Olive, our family cat. It’s pretty clear, she hates him. It’s fun to watch their interaction and we’re hoping that, in time, she will warm up to him like she has with our other dogs. Riggs, Louie, and Olive will live their best lives together. We also have a cottage in the Shuswap area where winters will be filled with fun on the frozen lake playing hockey with the kids and swimming and bonfires in the summer. It’s been a great experience adopting a rescue. One of our favourite things about Riggs is that he loves to snuggle~it’s impossible to lay on the bed or couch without him right beside us. I wouldn’t change a thing about him or our experience.

Corinne & Mike

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