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Rosie #3791

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Poor, sweet Rosie was 10 years old when she was dropped off at a horse rescue. This resilient girl was used as a breeding machine, and it was obvious she had just had another litter. Golden Rescue was called and they picked her up immediately. Rosie had mange and horrible red skin with scabs on her teats from recent weaning. She was a sad girl indeed when we fostered her. Our vet nicknamed her Golden Girl as she was so gentle and sweet. It was obvious she had also had a mild stroke with facial muscle loss but no signs of pain or additional risks. We took Rosie into her home to foster but very soon we became a fosterfailure and adopted this lovely girl. Her neurology makes her twirl at times but we sing Ring Around the Rosie with her when that happens. Her skin has healed, her fur is back, and she is living a peaceful, happy life in her golden years and we couldn’t be happier to share her life with ours.   

Janet & Richard 

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