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Bubba #3808

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

When we first met this beautiful little tripod, he was only 22 lbs. He was very timid and shy. We had three vet appointments for this little guy and he had to be placed on a special, high-calorie, easily-digestible food to put on weight and stop the diarrhea. We had him on special medication for 21 days to get his digestive tract in better health. Now after a month and a half, he is up to 30 lbs, walking and running better, and showing his true personality. When Bubba met our cats, he took to our orange kitty right away. Peter, our other cat, would swat at Bubba to tell him to back off and Bubba would swat Peter back, almost like he was a cat too, probably thinking it was a game. Now they play together all the time swatting and chasing each other. When we first brought Bubbs home, he did not know what to think of snow. He would be outside shivering and I had to put on one of the cat’s Christmas sweaters to keep him warm. Now he has no issues running around in the snow and he eats snow like a little kid. At first, Bubba was quite timid and fearful of loud noises. Christmas came and he had to deal with lots of noises. I thought he would be fearful and hide, but it seemed like the louder the better ~ he wanted to be right in the middle of all the action. He met other dogs over the holidays and he became very playful and would get sassy and bark and chase and swat at them like he does with our cat. At the dinner table, he thinks its a free-for-all under the table. He is not looking for table droppings…he is looking to lick toes and nibble on feet to play with him. One of us likes Bubba’s sassiness. Another one of us likes his playfulness and cuddliness and we all love his soft ears and the way they get curly when they are wet. I love when I get up in the morning or come home, being greeted by him and his excitement. He came along in our lives at just the right time. It gave our family a new focus other than COVID. Thank you to Golden Rescue for this adoption and letting us raise this playful, kind little boy.   



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