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Bowie #3825

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Bowie #3825 (aka Ebony who was on our website waiting to be adopted for almost a year) is a wonderful boy who is so grateful to be part of our family. He has two brothers, Bentley and Bruce, so now they are the 3Bs. He and Bentley got along instantly and have become real buddies although their play-fighting can get a little rough at times. Bruce and Bowie, however, are a work-in-progress. After a month of close supervision and breaking up some bad scuffles, these two are finding their place in the pack and we are hopeful that the 3Bs are going be BFFs. Their recent cottage time helped with their bonding and all is looking good. Bowie is incredibly sweet and he just needed a chance…and lots of patience and understanding which he is getting with us.   


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