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Buddy #3835

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Buddy used to be Olaf, who was also posted for a very long time before he found us in April. We were fostering Olaf and we are foster failures as we could not give him up. In a nutshell, he is a sweetheart and a very grateful boy who loves us very much. He is a big boy and for six years of age has a ton of energy that is hard to keep up with at times. He’s always looking for action…or his next meal ~ he’s a true Golden. He loves every single human he meets and every dog he meets as long as they are friendly with him. He’s not much into playing ~ he simply meets them nose-to-nose and moves on. He loves his food, his car rides, and his ‘bong’ that he takes with him everywhere. Everyone thinks he is one lucky boy; however, we think we hit the jackpot!   

Marianne & Don 

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