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Gloria #3840
Anderson #3841
Cooper #3847
Status: Adopted

This trio is absolutely fabulous. Gloria was in heaven when she saw all the toys we had around the house. All three like playing with the toys but she likes them the best. Anderson is a chewer ~ cables, rope, rocking chair legs, towels, blankets, leashes, carpets…anything he can sink his teeth into. Cooper keeps them both in line with a look if their play gets too rough. He quietly goes and stands between them to break it up. Or, if Gloria appears to have a problem with her ears, he takes it upon himself to lick them for her. He takes his father role quite seriously. They are starting to learn a lot of commands like ‘sit’, ‘wait’, ‘off’, ‘good boy/girl’, and ‘down’. Anderson has started obedience training and they have adjusted to our time zone ~ thank heavens! Gloria and Anderson smile a lot. Cooper has not smiled yet…a mission for us! They like being washed and groomed and we can touch them all over with no issues. They are our Three Musketeers who are settling into their new Canadian life really well. We are so happy and grateful, as is our dynamic trio.   

Linda & Reino 

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