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Merry #3859

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Merry is an absolute dream. She’s beautiful, petite, loving, and very affectionate. We are so excited to give Merry the life she deserves. We are a married couple with two boys and Merry also enjoys the company of our other dog and cat. She is quite possibly the most affectionate dog we’ve ever met. It’s quite amazing how much we can learn from these dogs in terms of their capacity to love, to forgive, and to live in the moment. For now, she is adjusting well and making herself at home. Everyone is absolutely in love with her (well, not our cat just yet but she’ll come around). Our utmost thanks to the extremely generous sponsor who allowed for this sweet angel girl to have a better life…a life that makes ours that much sweeter!   

Deanna & Chris 

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