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Honey #3878

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Hi all…my name is Honey Moon. That is the name my wonderful forever mom, Diane, gave me. Cool name, right? I love all you Canadians and I actually like your cool weather more than hot weather, even though I came from Istanbul. My mom says I’m a real ‘character’, whatever that means. I do love everyone I meet and anyone who comes through the front door gets a tail wag. I then lay down and roll on my side as I know everyone is dying to give me a tummy rub. I am what you humans call deaf but I’m pretty good with sign language. My mom says I’m smart because I always lie in the traffic routes. Since I don’t hear my mom leaving the room, I certainly have all the vantage points covered, so I can follow her everywhere. Another side benefit of being deaf is that the vacuum cleaner never bothers me (teehee). My mom says I have brought much joy to her life. That may be true, but for me, I have great joy too…but my life has completely changed because I was saved. I may not be alive today had it not been for all you good folks.     

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