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Cooper #3988

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Cooper is doing really well! At exactly three weeks, just as you suggested, Cooper really started to settle in and get into a rhythm with us. He fit perfectly into our lives and we couldn’t be happier (or more fit from all the walking)! He has quickly become a hit on our street and our neighbours have been full of praise as he has transitioned from taking us for a walk to walking so well beside us (though he does still chase the occasional bunny and squirrel). People are definitely his favourite ‘thing’. Close behind would be his iguana plush toy, the car, and tall grasses! He’s not a fan of other dogs (some little ones and older dogs are okay) and we’re working on it. He has the most adorable ‘butt wiggle’ when he’s excited ~ it’s enough to steal just about anyone’s heart! Matching Cooper with us was really the perfect pairing and we feel so incredibly lucky to have him in our lives.   

Emily, David & Cooper 

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