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Clyde #3995

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

After living on the streets of Cairo, it took Clyde a while to understand that life was going to be very different in his new Canadian home. It became obvious that this poor boy had been starved at some point as his food guarding was extreme. So much so he even bit his new dad around his food bowl. With the help of GR’s behaviourist and lots of love and patience, Clyde has finally realized that he’s in a safe place where he would be fed every day. His food guarding has stopped and he has relaxed into his new environment. Clyde is now a two-year-old goofy and energetic boy in love with his new life. We sometimes call him ‘Clydascope’ because as they say: “Just like a true kaleidoscope that is made up from broken pieces, when put together and you view it, its true beauty is reflected back”. That’s our Clyde!   

Moira & Doug 

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