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Sasha #4010

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

I’m Sasha and I want to let all of you know that I am doing beautifully and I love my new life. I arrived in Vancouver in April and I spent my first night with hosts who made me feel so special. They gave me toys I could keep. The next day, my new mom and dad, Frieda & Karl, picked me up and we live on Vancouver Island ~ what a gorgeous place that is. They take me everywhere and I totally enjoy car rides and travelling in our motorhome. I am happy here…meeting other people who all tell me how beautiful I am and meeting lots of other dogs. Pretty soon I will be a year old and I am sure we will have a party…with lots of food and treats. Did I mention that I LOVE food and treats? Well, now you know (just in case you come to my birthday party but don’t know what to get me…teehee). Thank you for helping to make this possible (and my parents want to thank you all as well).    

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