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Ella #4045

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

We stood waiting for Ella to be released from her crate and we knew the minute we saw her at the top of the ramp that it was her. One of us sat in the backseat as we drove home and it was so sweet to see her relax. When we got home, she spent the first day attached to our hip ~ we couldn’t go anywhere without her…not even to the washroom (LOL). By the second day, she was exploring her new home. We went on many pack walks with Tuffy (our other dog) and she did quite well. She is eating very well and asking to go out when needed with zero accidents. We have bathed and groomed her and she is now strutting around like a show dog. When we walk, her tail is straight up and she has a little wiggle on her back end. It is almost like she is saying thank you to everyone in Canada ~ I’m finally in a place where I belong. We’ve taken her on our boat because we spend a lot of time on the water and she loved every minute. We see her becoming more settled every day and have fallen in love with her and could not be happier.   

Pat & James 

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