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Lila #4102

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

As soon as Lila came out of the crate, we felt an instant bond. She came right to us and let us take her away with no resistance. She was amazing in the car and she made herself right at home when we arrived. The kids have been obsessed with her since she arrived. Lila loves going for walks. She also loves hanging out by the pool. She comes to a cottage with us where she shows us her amazing swimming skills ~ she definitely loves the water. She is so good natured and everyone she meets compliments her on how beautiful and gentle she is. She follows us around the house constantly as she always wants to be in the middle of the action. Despite her having a comfy dog bed, she sneaks onto the couch after we all go to bed, but we pretend we don’t notice. She is also quite the lady as whenever she lays down, she always does so with her paws crossed ~ we all smile at that! We are so happy she is part of our family and we are so happy we could give her the home she deserves. She will be forever loved and we can tell she loves being in our family.   

Kristen & Bruce 

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