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Ellie #4125

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Ellie ran down the ramp at Pearson’s cargo bay and into our lives like she was meant to be with us. While Ellie made herself at home right away, we’ve seen her quirky, goofy, and loving personality come out more and more as months have gone by. Ellie has enjoyed exploring her new neighbourhood and meeting many new friends. She has made herself a fixture at mom’s office on Fridays, visiting each office to say hi to all her friends and get belly rubs and treats. Ellie has a lifetime of adventures to look forward to and tons of love to give…and receive! While waiting in the parking lot that day in July, we could have never imagined how much our lives were about to change. We are forever grateful to Golden Rescue and their many volunteers for connecting us with Ellie…the love of our life.   

Ashley & Daryl 


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