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Reba #4324
Marty #4325
Status: Adopted

Meet our dynamic duo ~ Reba and Marty. This is an ode to our Cairo kids ~ a fabulous bonded pair who were two of the last Goldens that Golden Rescue was able to get out of Egypt before the ban. The mind boggles to think that these beauties could have been left behind.  They settled into their Canadian life immediately and our adjustments have been minimal even though we all failed dog training. The command ‘stay’ simply has not worked! It might have to do with being squirrel obsessed. Reba has almost learned to climb trees in hot pursuit. They are great on walks and even helped us do a 177 km. walk for the Grey Bruce Hospice. Wow! That’s quite a feat for two Cairo street dogs. It’s great that they are paying it forward. We’re happy to also announce that they are now true Canadians ~ they LOVE snow…but not as much as we love them.   

Brenda & Lou 

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