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Bo #4396

Gender: male

Charlie #2200

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Here is a story of two amazing Goldens ~ Charming Charlie and Mr. Bojangles! Charming Charlie and I had a long journey home from Charlie’s foster family. I flew up to Thunder Bay and booked into a dog-friendly hotel where we spent the night together. The next morning, we began our two-day trek home. Charlie and I even paddled on Lake Superior on the way home. When Charlie arrived ‘home’, he settled right away. He is handsome, tall, and a complete delight, especially when he bats his red, long eyelashes. Charlie loves and charms every human and every canine he meets and that’s probably why he got the nickname of Charming Charlie. Bo is a very handsome red Golden with a gorgeous coat and a big fluffy tail. His original name was Mr. Bogangles but of course that’s a mouthful when you call him for dinner so Bo it is. He has been described as a lovely, sweet, intelligent Golden who loves to be with his people, go for long walks, and do zoomies with great exhilaration. Bo is a follower not a leader so he stays close to his brother, Charlie, and parrots his every move. Except, he’s still not totally sure of swimming yet but he does love paddling at the cottage on Lake Huron so we all expect swimming will be his next step as soon as the weather warms up. Come on Bo…just follow Charlie! We absolutely love that Charlie has a baby brother and we love having our two boys ~ they bring us so much joy!    

Vanessa & Rob 

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