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Danny #4441

Age: 5 yrs

Gender: male

Status: Adopted
  • Foster describes Danny as pretty much ‘perfect’
  • Superstar on the leash
  • Loves people, dogs & cats
  • Laid-back, loyal, quiet

Oh Danny Boy
The pipes the pipes are calling
From glen to glen
Along the mountain side…

Oh, sorry everyone, I’m just chilling here in my foster family’s living room listening to my favourite song. I know it wasn’t written specifically for me (my name is Danny if you haven’t already guessed) but it sure makes me feel like it is. I am now 5 years old and have never tired of that beautiful Scottish song. I know everyone thinks it’s Irish because it’s always sang on St. Patrick’s Day but the ‘pipes’ and the ‘glens’ referred to are purely Scottish. Sorry I digress. My amazing foster mom says it’s time for me to find my forever family and she has asked me to tell you a bit about myself, so here it goes! I like to think of myself as a laid-back dude totally in love with life. I feel lucky, grateful, and special since I met all the wonderful people at GR. I trust them so much, so if they say I’m ready for this next big step, then I believe them. Here are things about me that I think you’ll like. I’m trained in your human ways. I’m a superstar on the leash. I am not a big barker. You can touch me anywhere. You can leave me alone if you have to go out without me. I don’t like thunder but I don’t freak either. The doc says I’m a healthy boy. I love people. I love other dogs and even cats are fine with me. I love being made a fuss over and I aim to please. I love my walks and car rides but I also love to chill. Here’s what my foster mom said about me: “Danny reminds of one of those dogs in the old movies who rides along all day with his humans in the back of their pick-up truck. He is the most loving, loyal, quiet, beautiful soul I have ever met.” Wow…and she just whispered in my ear “Oh Danny Boy, Oh Danny Boy, I love you so.” I think I just got a little choked up!

Danny is currently being fostered in the London, ON area.  If you would like more information about Danny please call our hot-line toll-free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

When submitting an application, please be sure to check your JUNK or SPAM folders for a response email.

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