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Charlie #4449

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

After losing our beloved Jackson last July, we wondered if we would ever have a dog again. Some time passed and the lost sounds of those clicking feet as he walked through the house seemed deafening. Enter Charlie, an almost 2.5-year-old Golden and our first rescue. He arrived in our home through a series of transports, meetings, and a little bit of luck. We read the 3-3-3 Rule and were keen to let nature take its course. Shy but friendly at first, Charlie has quickly turned into our third family member. He seems most happy when the three of us are together spending time in his oasis/forest yard. He is an avid explorer and between chewing and running zoomies around the yard, we laugh together often. That classic Golden smile has come on strong and we know he feels at home with us. We have discovered his fascination with water and the hose…there is a wet golden in our future! As we are a boating/cottage family, this is a perfect outcome for all. He loves his walks and chew-time and also loves snuggling and giving wet kisses. He is the sweetest boy ever~a true lovebug. We often thank Jackson for sending us Charlie, it’s almost as if it was a meant-to-be. We’ve been told by many of our friends/family that he won the ‘rescue lottery’…and we respectfully disagree! We’re the true winners here!

Carole & Kelly

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