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Kaladar #4472

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

You probably remember Kaladar (aka Rocky) from his 15-day adventure when he broke loose and was tracked and found in Kaladar. In homage to the community that was immeasurably supportive in his search, we gave him the name ‘Kaladar’. As we were part of his rescue mission, it seemed only fitting that we would eventually adopt him. Life has been a bit of a whirlwind for our lovely boy as everything goes into his mouth and the words “drop it” are the most commonly heard words in our household. He even almost poisoned himself on a walnut fortunately figured things out just in the nick of time. He can still be reactive to other dogs and was almost lost again from his double leash when he encountered a boxer on his walk. Again, disaster was averted and Kaladar returned to his dad when gently called. Several months later, Kaladar still walks with two leads and a GPS. He lives a great life with his three sisters~ Timbre & Goldens Muppet #2607 and Cello #2556. He has a beautiful large fenced yard in which to run around and play. He loves his car rides and swimming. He’s less reactive than ever and continues to improve every day. He’s a real sweetheart but still a bit of a rover at heart.

Lynn & David

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