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Lucy #4563

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Lucy was rescued with a few siblings and there’s no doubt that her first years in life were rough. It was a challenge to get poor, terrified Lucy into the house at all. In fact, two of the first nine nights we couldn’t coax her inside at all. It took four days before we could attempt to clean her and cut off the poop clumps hanging from her butt. It took 14 days before Lucy felt confident enough to enter the house on her own~ a huge step for this brave little girl. She also knew few words or commands. Now, four months later, Lucy has her own bed in the family room which she shares with her dodos (stuffed animals) and knows lots of words like ‘walk’, ‘mom’, ‘home’, ‘outside’, ‘dodos’, and of course ‘num-num’, which means dinner time. She still does not know how to do stairs even though we brought a four-legged friend to show her how. Lucy has a wonderful temperament and generally is super affectionate. We are so happy that she finally has the life she deserves.

Allison & Don

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