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Darcy #4629

Age: 4 mo

Gender: female

Status: Pending
  • The sweetest, happiest girl on the planet
  • Is a special needs girl ~ is on medication & will require monitoring
  • Loves people of all ages, other dogs, and would be fine with cats
  • Curious, loving, feisty

Hi all you beautiful people! My name is Darcy and I’m a 4-month-old female pup. Just so you know, my foster mom says I’m probably the happiest, sweetest, loveliest Golden she has ever met ~ wow, wow, wow! I came from a place you call a puppy mill and I was in pretty bad shape ~ very malnourished with a bunch of medical issues. The wonderful people at GR took me in and with the help of my amazing foster mom got me checked out, cleaned up, and of course gave me all sorts of yummy food that put me back on the road to recovery. I have to tell you I am soooo happy and simply love my new life that is filled with love, joy, and a basketful of toys. I am learning all your human ways. I go to puppy classes and am starting to get house and leash trained. It’s all new to me, but worry not, I’ll get there because I’m smart and I love to please. Now here’s the thing. My medical stuff is a bit complicated and it is likely I will stay as what you humans call a ‘special needs’ girl. I am in no pain and as far as I’m concerned there is nothing wrong with me but the doc seems to think otherwise. It seems I was born with a cardiac/heart defect which mildly decreases my heart function. I did have head tremors and twitching but this is now controlled with medication. Here’s what the doc says: I think that Darcy is going to need a home that can provide some exercise but nothing strenuous. She will likely need ongoing medication and check-ups and over time, the amount of medication and frequency of checkups may increase. It is very unlikely that she will live a normal life span, but just how long she will live is difficult to predict. She needs an owner prepared to love a special needs dog for as long as she survives. This might sound scary to you but it doesn’t to me. My life is already a thousand percent better and as you know, we Goldens live in the moment so that’s what I intend to do. To me, every day is a joy and a gift. I am happy, curious, loving, feisty, and mischievous. I am so lucky to have met you wonderful people and I look forward to meeting all the new people, new doggies, new children, and as I don’t care about chasing critters, I might even look forward to meeting a cat or two along the way. Oh yes, every day is a fantastic new adventure and I think to myself ‘what a wonderful world’!

Darcy is currently being fostered in the Whitby, ON area.  If you would like more information about Darcy please call our hot-line toll-free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

When submitting an application, please be sure to check your JUNK or SPAM folders for a response email.

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