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Manny #1953

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

We lost our beloved Dawsen (# 1607) in 2013. On a friend’s advice, we decided not to delay and we applied to adopt another rescue in his honour. We let the Christmas Season go by and shortly after found Manny in Québec. Yes, it was a bit out of the way but we don’t mind traveling to go get a beautiful dog.

And a beautiful dog we got! Inside and out! Manny is a lover boy. A big teddy bear, a gentle soul! He gained 3 sisters by joining our family and he did not have any trouble fitting in. He plays their usual ball game with his special “golden twist” and gets as excited as they are when Mommy steps outside! PLAY TIME! YAY!!!

My daughters met Manny that summer and were immediately seduced! They even asked if he could sleep with them! He cuddles with them on the couch when they visit – he just LOVES the attention and they love fussing over him!

Manny is simply wonderful – a perfect Golden in every sense of the word! We love our boy dearly!

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