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Canada’s Dog Ban: Click here to find out how you can help.

Drone Pilots (all across Canada)

Golden Rescue needs volunteer Drone Pilots to join our Search & Rescue Team. Every second counts when a dog goes missing, and your expertise could mean the difference between a lost pup and a safe reunion. Experience with lost dogs is valuable, but not required. Join us in this crucial mission and be the wings that bring our furry friends back home!

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Event Coordinators

We are looking for Event Coordinators (ECs) in:

  • Vancouver; and
  • Vancouver Island and specifically Victoria

to help us run a couple of events throughout the year. These events help raise funds and build awareness for Golden Rescue.

ECs work closely with Volunteer Coordinators and are responsible for the overall success of the event. This includes activities such as:

  • research potential events (ie Markets)
  • submit event application and registration
  • ensure you have the supplies you need for the event
  • complete communication template to create event e-blast
  • hold an event prep call for all volunteers
  • wrap up event and provide summary of details

You will be provided with various resources and training to ensure you will be successful.

Being comfortable working with Microsoft and/or Google files, and a familiarity with Google drive would be an asset but not necessary.

Estimated Time Commitment: 5-6 hrs for each event spread across 4-6 weeks.

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Categories: Volunteer Opportunities|Volunteers