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Alen and Carolyn with Bailey, French Fry, Bella, and Octane

Alen is the consummate Golden Retriever Believer. As past president of The Golden Retriever Club of Canada, Alen has loved and cared for Goldens for over 35 years. With 10 of those years volunteering for Golden Rescue, Alen is a valued and integral part of the GR family.

He has also trained all breeds for over 40 years taking many dogs through their novice and intermediate degrees. Today, Alen and his wife Carolyn have two GR Goldens and they foster and volunteer at many events. Alen always willingly transports our valuable cargo and is a member of the events team taking the truck to many GR events and sets up and tears down…a painstaking exercise, to say the least.

Alen’s passion and commitment to GR is obvious in everything he does and we are so lucky to have someone of his calibre and experience. Thank you both!  Alen, you rock!

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