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Cheryl Anne

Cheryl-Anne and her better half John volunteered to become foster parents in December of 2009 and before they knew it, they had their first foster.  Their fosters have quickly become part of the family as they almost instantly sense the palpable compassion of the Grahams.  Whether short-term or long-term special needs Goldens, Cheryl-Anne and John have worked tirelessly to ensure their Golden fosters are nurtured in a loving home.  They have not hesitated to accept any Golden in need and have fostered several puppy mill dogs and working through their fears to help them build trust and enjoy life as a dog.

Cheryl-Anne is also an integral part of the placement team, working tirelessly to ensure that every one of her placements finds a forever family that matches his/her needs.

Thank you John and Cheryl-Anne!  You inspire us to step up like you have.

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