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Cindy McClelland

Cindy and her husband Ian started to work with Golden Rescue not long after their Collie/Shepherd, Rusty, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Their home felt empty but they decided to wait for a while before getting another dog and to fill the void, they decided to volunteer for Golden Rescue and they literally threw themselves into helping Goldens. To use Cindy’s words, “I volunteered out of a personal need for fulfillment”. Both of them are key volunteers on the transport/home visit/behavioural assessment teams and they volunteer at many events (even if they’re far from home).

Cindy is a vital member on the placement team. Apart from her own placements, she has spent countless hours getting our new adoption application database up and running and she continues to update the spreadsheet. She also put up her hand to do follow-up calls to potential adopters and adopters for a while, has made some great suggestions for placement improvements, and has sold lots of calendars.

Eventually Cindy and Ian adopted Kato #1612 and they couldn’t be happier and more recently they adopted Prince #2048. They think they were the lucky ones adopting Kato and Prince.  That may be; however, Golden Rescue was lucky to get these two passionate and tireless volunteers who never say ‘no’! Thank you both!

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