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Cynthia with Fred #801 and Ginger #802

The love that Cynthia had for her two Goldens, Fred #801 and Ginger #802, spills into her tireless volunteer efforts for Golden Rescue. Ever since Cynthia first googled GR and clicked send on her adoption application, Golden Rescue has been the lucky recipient of Cynthia’s time and talent. Her can-do attitude stretches as far as her taking vacation time to help with… well…almost everything.

Cynthia has been a critical member of the golf committee, participates at events, now drives the GR truck, handles the general inquiries line on her own, and is the team lead for the lottery committee. Cynthia threw herself into training Fred and Ginger, two scamps who required a lot of work. They destroyed flower pots, screen doors, and almost everything else and were known in the neighbourhood as Fred-Come and Ginger-Come. With Cynthia’s hard work, these two dancing fools were the models of good behaviour and goofiness.

The same passion that Cynthia mustered for these two delightful Golden ambassadors is passed on with great passion to Golden Rescue. How fortunate are we!!!

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