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Eric with Hurley, Jitterbug, and Benji

You are one cool dude, man ~ serving on the Board of Directors for xxx years (is that like 35 in dog years?) and playing a vital role as the Co-Director of the Events team. We’re sure gonna miss you around here. So what does the Co-Director of Events do you ask? Well, our Eric had four paws…er, two feet on the ground at all of Golden Rescue’s events – all of ‘em. He was most notably a key contributor in developing and growing the very popular and successful LCBO Tag Days.  We love that event because it helps with our veterinary bills, medications, training, transportation, you name it. And lots of humans find out more about us and want to take us to our forever families. Okay…back to Eric. He sourced locations and planned the events (too many to count)…the whole enchilada (yum). Can you imagine his spreadsheet ~ so many stores, so many cities, so many volunteers. We need a nap just thinking about all the hard work. Us Goldens have a great saying ~ We love work ~ we can watch it all day!

At first we were quite sad to learn that Eric was stepping away from the board, but our ears perked up when we discovered that he has agreed to facilitate all of GR’s Ottawa-based events. Lucky us! To Eric and his wife Lisa and their family (two and four-legged), the boys at Golden Rescue (and the girls too) want to thank you so very much for all you’ve done ~ adopting, visiting homes to make sure we’re going to safe and loving families. We’ve felt the effects of your monthly donations and the effort you’ve made to sell Wishbone Lottery tickets. You’ve earned your Golden Angel wings, Eric. We will be forever grateful!

From da boyz at Golden Rescue: Troy #2212, Burke #2190, Bauer #2203, Duke 2197 & Rosco #2193

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