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Ira with Jake

Ira has been a Golden lover since childhood. Unable to have a Golden growing up as dog hair was a no-no in her family home, she got two Golden pups, Wisper and Dakota, as soon as she graduated university. From that day forward, Ira has surrounded herself with Goldens.

In recent years, Ira is one of GR’s staunchest advocates. Ira, like most Golden lovers, didn’t know about GR. One day, a volunteer asked for a donation for the Golden Rescue picnic and Ira was so excited about the idea of many Goldens in one place, she made a donation and attended the picnic for the first time. At the picnic, her eyes were opened to the good work GR does and she decided to help. Since then, Ira and her husband Mitch, have been fostered six Goldens. Ira’s efforts don’t stop there. She is an amazing Wishbone Lottery ticket seller, participates at events, does home visits and behaviour evaluations, and helps transport.

She has also participated in media events and school presentations. Ira helps anywhere required…and always with a smile. Her biggest contribution as a self-proclaimed “huge fan of GR” is spreading the word about the work we do. Ira owns Gears, a great bike shop with three locations, and at any given moment you will find Jake, her Golden, and one of her fosters looking after the store. Ira’s enthusiasm is infectious and we are so glad and fortunate she attended the picnic that day. Lucky, lucky us!

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