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Jennifer and Jamie with Ginger #2417 and Leia

Jennifer and Jamie have loved dogs all their life. One day, on a visit to the humane society, their children saw a Golden in her pen with a sign that said “Caution: hyper”. She looked so pathetic that they begged their parents to foster her so, with a huge leap of faith, they did. It was the best thing they ever did. Leia was not hyper at all. She was just like all Goldens, she craved attention and TLC. Leia was so amazing, in fact, that she became a therapy dog and visited seniors’ homes, spreading her calm energy and soothing spirit to all she met. Jamie heard about Golden Rescue through a work associate and because of the positive experience they had with Leia, they decided they had the time and inclination to help.

They started fostering Goldens and found it to be a fantastic experience. Recently Jennifer and Jamie adopted Ginger #2147 and she fit in beautifully. Leia and Ginger are the best of sisters. Jennifer and Jamie are very impressed with the GR supporting vets they have met and are constantly impressed at the length GR will go to when there are health issues with their fosters. Jennifer and Jamie also attribute seeing more of their grown-up children since they started fostering as the kids all want to visit their fosters. They have also participated in LCBO days, sold lottery tickets, volunteered at our picnic, and participated in the Yorkville Run.

This busy couple always seem to find the time to help GR and we are incredibly grateful.

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