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Julie with Tucker

Julie is GR’s transportation team leader. This is big job as almost everything we do requires transportation. Picking up dogs…delivering dogs…and some of these transports come from heartbreaking situations. Transport is a constant GR requirement and since Julie initiated this critical role, the GR wheels run very smoothly. Julie has built a database of drivers and this, coupled with her can-do attitude, makes transport an invaluable asset for our intake team.

Julie also frequently jumps into her car when there are last minute requests and we simply need to get the Golden into our program. Julie is a self-employed decorator with an easy rider passion for motorcycles. Tucker, her beloved Golden, wishes there was an extra seat on the bike but until there is, he waits patiently for her return after her weekend rides.

Julie loves five things ~ her daughter, her Golden, her motorcycle, Hagen Dazs ice cream, and of course Golden Rescue and its amazing group of dedicated volunteers.  GR is privileged to count her as an ardent supporter.

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