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Jurgen with Kim and Sasha #1666, Otis and Snax

Hey Jurgen ~ it’s Walli #2162 ~ remember me? I think of you every night when I go to sleep, as snug as a bug in a rug ~ the good bug kind tho. I’ll never forget the day you swooped in to rescue me on your angel wings and then worked so hard with my placement friend to land me softly with the most amazing forever family. Lucky me! You are my Golden Angel and I’m bursting with pride to tell your story about how you’ve helped all of my fur-buddies at Golden Rescue. My Jurgen has been a devoted volunteer for five years. He’s driven to places that you can’t imagine to rescue the unfortunate who have fallen on hard times and then he’s taken us to foster homes to heal, trust, and learn to love life again. I’ve heard people say he’s the ‘go to’ guy who’s always willing to pitch in on a moment’s notice to field calls on the hotline or make home visits to all the wonderful people who want to adopt us. Sometimes Jurgen wears his trainer hat and tests our skills and behaviours to make sure we’re cat, kid, and car friendly. And, get this…he also volunteers to raise funds and attend special events. He sells Wishbone Lottery tickets, schmoozes with customers at the LCBO Tag Days, tirelessly advocates (big word for a dog, I know) for rescue, and generously makes monthly donations to Golden Rescue. You can tell that Jurgen loves what he does for us. He dotes on our needs, gets others involved with his enthusiasm, and in his own words, says:

“Golden Rescue gives me a sense of purpose and provides an opportunity to meet amazing, like-minded people who care passionately for animal rights. I am forever grateful to be part of such a highly-respected rescue organization”.

Thank you Jurgen ~ I hope you sleep as well as I do! Jurgen’s story is told by Walli #2162 who has a special place in his heart for his hero

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