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Ken with Harley #2022

Ken has been involved with Golden Rescue for a few years but in that time he has become a foster guru with many fosters to his credit already. A retired high school teacher, Ken got his first Golden Socrates (Socs) when he retired. Socs and Ken went everywhere together and shared many adventures throughout North America. You can see some of their adventures on YouTube: Svana an Indian Myth. Ken’s second Golden, Jake, came along when Socs was seven. The three musketeers lived happily together for a number of years until Jake crossed the Rainbow Bridge as did Socs a few years later, both from cancer. It was at this point that Ken and GR found each other and Ken became the energizer bunny of fostering, caring for one dog after another in quick succession.

You can see Ken’s time with each of these dogs on YouTube by simply typing in a Golden’s name and rescue number (i.e. Zeus #1913 or Harley #2022 or Hubbel #2052…to name a few). “Providing foster care has been a wonderful experience” to quote Ken.

We at Golden Rescue believe from the bottom of our heart that meeting Ken has also been a wonderful experience. It’s great when it’s a win-win…and we are truly grateful for this Golden Angel.

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