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Krystle Duncan with Genevieve and Murray

Krystle is our social media design guru. Living on the lake with husband Duncan, Goldens Genevieve and Murray, and four bunnies, Krystle is an animal lover par excellence. Besides doing so much for Golden Rescue, Krystle writes a blog on the proper care of rabbits, runs an online shop selling small pet products, and enjoys hiking and life with her beloved family. Three years ago, Krystle was introduced to Golden Rescue through a friend and was really interested in ways she could help. At the time, she was looking for some extra purpose in her life and luckily Golden Rescue fit the bill. Krystle said and we quote, ”Being a part of such a caring and dedicated organization has given me a sense of community as I have found true passion in life and this has given me a real purpose outside of myself.” Krystle’s design work is integral to the success of our Social Media programs and includes collages, slideshows, posters, and designs to support our initiatives and fundraising events. She feels gratified when she sees our Goldens find their forever families and loves being a part of their journey. We are so grateful that Krystle found us and we cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and creativity.

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