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Mia Ben and Max #1960

Mia might be described as one of our more humble supporters who doesn’t think she does as much as she could so we keep asking Mia to do more and more for our Goldens…and she always says ‘yes’ willingly. Mia has basically helped us with almost everything.

Living with three senior Goldens (16, 15, and 14) Mia had the idea that if she began to foster, when her Goldens crossed the Rainbow Bridge, that fostering might ease the trauma. When her home visit was done, she was asked how she might deal with an aging foster since all her bedrooms were upstairs. Mia said, “Well, I’ve been sleeping on the couch in the living room for the past three years as my own Goldens can’t manage the stairs ~ would that be okay?” As you can tell, we loved her answer.

Since that day, Mia has fostered Gibson, Titan, Jake, Crosby, Mulligan, Turner, and Max and she continues to open her home to any Golden in need. As if that’s not enough, Mia coordinated all the volunteers at the picnic, sold lottery tickets (100 of them, by the way), has done home visits, has volunteered at events, is an adopter, and recently agreed to help as a transport coordinator, transporting our precious Goldens to their foster homes. Mia still feels she doesn’t do much and wishes she could do more. If only we could clone her!

Thank you Mia…you do SO much for GR and we are very, very grateful. You are the real deal!!!

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