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Samantha and Matt with Abbey and Zeus #2311

Samantha and Matt first learned about Golden Rescue through social media. Their love of Goldens led them to Golden Rescue and they started to volunteer for us. They help wherever they can including volunteering at LCBO Tag Days and The Pickering Markets. They live with their eight-year-old Golden Abby and started to think that Abby could use a brother and GR was happy to help.

Enter Zeus #2311 from Istanbul, who is just a year old ~ now Abby’s younger brother. Sam and Matt would like to adopt every Golden who enters our program but since that’s not an option, they volunteer as much as possible.

Last year, Sam and Matt took on the big responsibility of organizing all the volunteers for the picnic and fortunately for us they are continuing to help with the picnic again this year. We love having Samantha and Matt as part of the GR family.

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