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Susan and Mowat with Tilt and Cubbie

Susan has been an animal lover all her life. Her first introduction to Goldens was in her mid 20’s when her first Golden, Thumper, came into her life. This love affair actually inspired her to make a career change and she went back to school to become a registered veterinary technician. While at school, she encountered her first rescue opportunity with a senior Golden who had been brought in to be euthanized after being shot in the woods. After his recovery, Susan adopted him and he lived happily in her home for 10 years.

Some years later, she was introduced to Golden Rescue and realized there were many Goldens who needed help. Fortunately for Golden Rescue, Susan started to volunteer at the picnic, selling lottery tickets, and volunteering at events; however, her most rewarding experience has been fostering. Using her skills to nurture her many fosters back to health and experiencing their gratitude has inspired Susan to do all she can to help. Our Goldens are the lucky recipients of her inspiration.

Thank you Susan for all you have and continue to do! You are truly a Golden angel. Susan works as the Practice Manager at Don Valley Animal Hospital and Dr. Francouer is the owner. We thank them both for their fabulous support!

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