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Virginia & Tony with Mercedes #2505

Tony and Ginger are the best of the best. In a short few years, they have helped us in many ways.

Their first Goldens were a bonded pair, Katie and Rosie, rescued from a lady could no longer care from them. When Rosie crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Katie fell into a depression and Tony and Ginger were devastated. To help with Katie’s healing process, they started to volunteer for GR and this selfless act really helped. As they got involved with the organization, Tony was fascinated with our Rescue Mission of Love and in December 2016 they adopted Mercedes #2505, an amazing Istanbul Golden who fit in perfectly and loves her new family.

With their canine family complete, Tony and Ginger continue to volunteer at LCBO Tag Days, The Pickering Markets, and Barks by the Bay. They also do lots of transports, including transporting for the Mission of Love. One day they’re hoping to foster.We are so happy that they found Mercedes and Mercedes found them but we are even happier that Tony and Ginger found us. What a win-win partnership.

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