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Valerie Barker with Murphy and Sassy

Valerie has been a dog lover her whole life. Her first contact with a Golden Retriever was with a Lion’s sponsored program where she fostered a Golden Retriever pup who was being trained as a guide dog for the CNIB. This amazing pup, Murphy, did really well in the program but he didn’t pass all the stringent tests. This was a blessing in disguise as Valerie and her family were given the opportunity to adopt this spectacular boy and it has been a love story ever since for Murphy and Valerie.

After Valerie retired as the CFO of a wealth management company, she looked for some volunteer work and her research led her to Golden Rescue. That was five years ago and, since then, Valerie has been a key member of our transport team and is now the transport team’s second-in-command. Valerie was also on the first trip to JFK airport in New York to pick up 18 precious Goldens arriving from Istanbul. Valerie tells us she finds working with GR rewarding and enjoys the people she has met.

We are delighted to hear this; however, Golden Rescue is lucky that Valerie’s research led her to us ~ we are so grateful to have Valerie at our side.

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