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He arrived at Golden Rescue with little information about his previous life, as he was found wandering lost and alone in rural Ontario.  He was an 11-year-old senior citizen who desperately needed a new home, as all efforts to locate his former family had gone cold.  Typically senior dogs are sometimes looked over when adopters are searching for a new furry family member.  It’s often heart-breaking for our fosters and placement teams when they struggle to find that perfect family who wants to wrap their arms around a Golden who is advanced in years. It takes a special heart and a compassionate soul to give a senior a second chance.  And thankfully, that’s exactly what happened to Jasper.

From the moment they learned about him through the adoption process and saw his sweet photos they knew instantly that Jasper was ‘the one’.  And so a lucky family from Regina took a leap of faith and drove to Ontario to meet a Golden that would forever change their lives. They instantly felt a connection for this lovely boy who needed a second chance to live his ‘golden’ years energized and enlivened by new activities, new family fur-friends, a gentle human touch and the security of knowing he would always be safe.

Jasper now lives with cats Ollie and Buddy and eight-year-old Maddy ~ a fur-sister to call his own.  His days are spent walking on nature trails that are adjacent to his home and his nights… well, they are spent doing whatever he wants which is mostly snoozing on the sofa or the bed of his choosing.  You see, Jasper learned quickly to take advantage of some privileges that come with age.  He ‘taught’ his new family that the couch and the bed would suffice very nicely for snuggling and napping.  And apparently he has been obliged as his family believes that Jasper deserves this little luxury.

To everyone’s delight, Jasper arrived with some pretty amazing manners ~ paying it forward for being rescued by neither barking, nor generally snooping where he shouldn’t.  He is described as the perfect Golden gentleman ~ loving and patient with a high need to please and an uncanny ability to share his treats.

His family will never know why he was abandoned, but it hurts to think that their loveable Jasper was ever alone even for a minute, having to fend for food, frightened and at risk of perishing.  Lives are changed when forever families provide hope to a rescued Golden ~ when they connect with those big brown eyes that say ‘thank you’ every day.  Oh, those eyes ~ they melt our hearts, touch our souls and with only a mere glance, tell us that rescue is so very worthwhile.


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