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This wonderful couple are fostering superstars. They have fostered 21 Goldens in three years and are still going strong. Their unselfish actions have not gone unrewarded as Michael and Janice tell us these amazing dogs have brought much love, joy, companionship, and fun to their family. Growing up, Michael didn’t have a dog; however, when they had children, he instinctively felt they should have a family dog and a Golden was chosen. Silky was the family dog and Michael tended to be the primary walking, feeding, brushing caregiver. After Silky crossed over the rainbow bridge, Michael decided to foster Goldens and Golden Rescue became the lucky recipient of Michael and Janice’s kind energy. Michael is a retired engineer, curls competitively, skis and sails, and volunteers with other organizations. Michael tends to be the primary foster caregiver; however, he could not do this without the loving support of Janice and his daughter, Erika. The Golden Rescue family is so grateful to Michael and his family, as without this kind of generosity and commitment, our organization would not exist!

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