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Peter with Shannon Nathan Marni Bamba Angels

Peter and Golden Rescue began a mutual admiration society more than 10 years ago. A trainer/behaviourist extraordinaire, Peter has helped us with countless Goldens, many of whom we could not have saved without Peter’s unique insight into canine behaviour. He, of course, could not help all the Goldens who have crossed his path; however, his success record is sterling. AlphaPaws is Peter’s company and he has been training dogs to ‘mind their manners’ for over 15 years. Peter has also helped many adoptive families to ‘read and understand’ their new family member. By teaching people how to speak their new family member’s language, so to speak, he has helped many GR families communicate with their Golden to help them better understand their needs. Peter has also written many an article for our newsletter about behavioural issues. We at GR are so grateful to have met Peter all those years ago. He is a true friend to our Goldens and to Golden Rescue.

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