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Some time after Sandie’s Golden, Jessie, crossed the Rainbow Bridge she was in a florist shop petting the owner’s dog.  The flower shop owner happened to mention that her dog was a rescue and she did volunteer work for the organization she rescued from.   Sandie wondered, at that moment, if there was a rescue group for Goldens and, after a little research, she luckily found Golden Rescue.  Starting off doing LCBO and Pet Valu days, Sandie graduated into helping us with follow-up calls for our very important ‘Adopter Follow-Up Program’ where we check on how our Goldens are doing and if our adopters have any questions or need any help.  More recently, Sandie joined our Hotline Team.  Sandie loves working with Golden Rescue and says “It is so rewarding to know you have been able to help someone towards an adoption or provide support when needed.  I have talked to many wonderful people and grown both in knowledge and the ability to handle what, at times, can be difficult situations”.  Sandie, we are so grateful you found us and thank you for all your time, your kind words and your enthusiasm.

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