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Cindy started volunteering for Golden Rescue over 10 years ago.  A Golden lover for most of her life, Cindy loves working with Golden Rescue.  After she retired as a school principal in 2007, she saw the GR booth at Kempenfest and knew this is what she wanted to do.  At the time, Cindy had four Goldens of her own but started to foster anyway,  That’s quite a house full but Cindy loved it.  In 2012, Cindy went back to work in Montreal as a replacement principal for a few years and had to leave GR during that time.  In 2015, her heart was broken when her lovely little girl Sedona #1338 crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  This traumatic event brought Cindy back to us and we are so grateful.  Apart from spreading the good word about GR wherever she goes, Cindy helps in many areas ~ fostering, fundraising, managing our microchip database, home visits, behaviour evaluations and working on the education and placement teams.  No matter what she’s involved with, she always says it’s the best volunteer job ever!  Many Goldens have been in Cindy’s life and she has loved every one of them whether they were her own or a foster.  What a big heart she has.  Thank you, Cindy for all you do ~ we are so grateful you’ve come to our rescue!

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